Freedom Challenge Africa

Freedom Challenge Africa

Create Your Own Challenge

Create Your Own Challenge

It is through our physical challenges that we identify in a tangible way with the incredibly steep climb to freedom so many women and children have every day. Our challenges produce prayer and finances for over 20 projects in Africa, and awareness of the injustices taking place in the world.

How Do I Create My Own Challenge?

Do you want to push yourself physically, while raising your voice for women and children in Africa? You can organise a group challenge or do a personal challenge! We’ve had several people do personal challenges of hiking, biking, walking, and swimming. Set a goal for the year and go for it! While others have organised group challenges where, for example they walk 5km a day for 21 days.

No matter what you decide to do, as long as you are raising awareness, prayer support, and funds for our projects, you are a part of the CHALLENGE!

Testimonies of Previous Challengers

If you’d like to see what others in the past have challenged themselves to, check out our blog! One homeschool mom challenged herself to bike 8,000km in a year! Read her story here.

Another partner in the ministry, challenged herself to do a virtual Tankwa Camino, when COVID-19 hit and canceled the real challenge. Read her testimony here.

Another mom did a challenge with her one-year-old daughter! Find out more about her challenge here.

The last testimony we’ll highlight is someone who biked the distance from Pretoria to her former home in Zambia where she ministered at a safe house. She shares her testimony here.

We’ve also had people organise group challenges, with groups more than 30 across 4 continents! The sky is the limit!

Are you not into physical activity, but still want to raise your voice for vulnerable women and children in Africa? Check out this link for more ideas, beyond physical challenges!

Challenge Registration

Please specify below if this is a personal or group challenge.

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