Host Challenge

“The Freedom Challenges make us accessible to a much wider audience, with many more creative approaches. It will enable us to identify closely with those who face a myriad of challenges.”

Suria Scholtz

Hosting a Freedom Challenge is an amazing way to get involved in the prevention and awareness of modern day slavery. We invite you to host a challenge in your community in any creative way, raising funds for our projects, awareness about injustice and prayer to change the world.

A challenge is anything that raises awareness, prayer and finances.

Ideas of Possible Challenges (with endless options):

  • Gather a team to participate together in a local 5k, cycle, or marathon
  • Prayer challenge
  • A 24-hour dance challenge
  • Social Media challenge
  • Sweatshop simulation
  • Climb a mountain
  • Musical concert
  • Woman’s tea
  • A walk
  • Public statement (Human Chain of Hope)
  • Movie night
If you would like some help planning a challenge
We would love to help.



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