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Safe House Ministry

“We had the successful reintegration of Sal* and her baby boy, who was born in the safe house at 5am one Monday in August. Sal came to us pregnant because of her step father. She had to go through a lot of counselling as she was so depressed and traumatised at the abuse she received. And now she also had to cope with being pregnant and losing out on school. When the baby was born, she and her mother decided to keep the boy. They are now living near the Mercy Day Care Centre under the watchful eye of our beloved counselor.

Sal has 4 other siblings. Her mum goes to work to sell vegetables and Sal stays home to care for her other siblings and son. Sal is 17 years old and in January 2022, she plans to go back to school and finish her education and become a nurse. Because Safe Houses’ support the family is now safe. And Sal can continue to pursue her dream of becoming a nurse!”

*name changed for privacy

The Safe House Ministry

Our first safe house opened in March 2018. It is a 3-bedroom home designed for girls aged between 3-10 years old who are suffering abuse or neglect and have nowhere else to go. It provides them with 24-hour care and is staffed by 2 house mothers and takes up to 6 girls at a time. In addition to the house mothers, the safe house team includes a counselor and the safe house coordinator.

We have since opened another safe house and hope to start another one where we can house boys! Please pray with us for this!

Praise Points and Prayer Requests

  • We thank Jesus for the reintegration of 3 girls and 3 babies back to their families this year.
  • We look back and see how we have grown and how God’s hand has been upon the ministry as we seek to help the most vulnerable children in our region.
  • Please pray for financial resources and more people to serve, so that we can start a safe house for boys.
  • Pray for full healing and restoration in Christ for the girls who have been abused.

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