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Ghana is a country of origin, transit and destination for women and children subjected to forced labour and sex trafficking. Trafficked girls are usually uneducated, from broken homes, and young single mothers with very little hope for the future. In many cases the search for a better life makes them vulnerable to exploitation. OM Ghana is passionate about supporting such women who are marginalised and disadvantaged.

The OM Skills Development Centre provides vocational training and discipleship to young girls and women who are vulnerable to or have been rescued from human trafficking. With a passion to love and care for these women the ministry is committed to the health, physical needs, educational provisions, and social interventions to provide a future of hope. It is through these provisions that lives will be transformed.

Partner with us

We are currently in need of sewing machines, chairs, a washing machine, and a bus. We are also in need of a Team Leader who can invest in the lives of the women we encounter in our ministry.

Tabitha Project

Agnes is a widow, from the Nakoli compound of Kabwe. Life has always been a struggle for Agnes, as she has suffered from a facial disability since childhood. Not only does she have constant physical pain, but she also has struggled to see any value in herself at all due to the criticism from others. After one year of the Tabitha Skills Development, Agnes has started to believe in and accept herself for the first time in her life. She has learned how to make beautiful jewelry, from which she makes enough income to buy food. Agnes is someone with a beautiful heart for others, and flourishes from people believing in her and encouraging her to continue finding her identity in Christ.

Tabitha Skills Development is a discipleship program focused on empowering and equipping vulnerable and marginalized women through skills training. The one year Tabitha Initiative program goes one step further to intentionally empower women to use their own initiatives to start small business that are focused on reaching out to others.

Millions of widows in Sub-Saharan Africa are robbed, beaten, raped, and evicted from their homes because women are considered unworthy of equal rights. We have Skills Development programs located in the following areas are providing much needed love and care for women:

  • Madagascar
  • Mozambique
  • North-central Africa
  • South Africa
  • Tanzania
  • Zambia

Partner with us

Our Project leader had the opportunity to speak about the ministry of this project on public TV in Zambia. Since then, there have been many requests for training in this project, but have not had the capacity financially to respond to these requests. Please pray for finances for them to be able to travel to churches, communities, and villages throughout Zambia to train people!

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