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Is Pornography a Type of Trafficking?

It is our understanding, and we will discuss it below, that pornography is a type of sex trafficking. While it is a controversial stance to take, we recognize that unchecked, the world has run rampant with its desires. This has brought on the detriment to the lives of many. Read our blog about Human Trafficking if you would like to learn more about this atrocity.

Viewers of pornography should be charged just as severely as pimps. Because pornography is a slippery slope of “simple viewing pleasure” that turns into a desperate and violent need to act on one’s desires, needs, and fantasies.

These “porn stars” as people like to call them, are actually individuals who have been trafficked and forced to perform sexual acts in front of a camera, for the viewing pleasure of many on the deep, dark web. Just to be clear, trafficking is not just kidnapping. Very often individuals are tricked and coerced to walk freely into an opportunity that seems too good to be true. And unfortunately, it usually is.

Did you know that pornography stars are mostly trafficked individuals?

Once in this opportunity, the reality poses quite different than originally promised and understood. The reality often includes promiscuity, sexuality – both heterosexually and homosexually no matter what sexuality the individual identifies with, and the command to act like they enjoy every moment – even the violence and rape. These acts are performed in front of the camera, and has a heroine-like, addicting effect.

When viewers see their first pornography, it creates a path in the brain similar to a tattoo. The memories are burned into the brain, making it almost impossible to forget.

The more a viewer watches, the more the viewer wants to watch, and the more the viewer wants to watch, the more the viewer watches.

No matter how “simple” the pornography is that someone first sees, the curiosity and desire to watch it again becomes overpowering. The more a viewer watches, the more the viewer wants to watch, and the more the viewer wants to watch, the more the viewer watches. It’s a vicious cycle, but it doesn’t end there. Soon, watching harder and harder porn isn’t enough, the temptation arises to start acting out the sexual acts viewed on screen – if not at home, then on the street, at a bar, or wherever the viewer can find someone to do these acts. If there is a payment, then the act is prostitution, and is criminal by law in many countries.

Then there’s the case of the supply and demand scenario. Anything that can be purchased would not be created if there wasn’t a demand for it – they’d simply go broke if they kept producing and not selling. Take cereal for instance. If suddenly people no longer bought cereal, why would the cereal companies continue producing? They wouldn’t, because there wouldn’t be a demand for it. So too with pornography, if there was no demand, there would be no production. If viewers were charged the same as pimps, there would be less demand, and thus less supply.

In conclusion, viewers are simply creating the need for more material to be produced. When material is produced there is a higher demand leading to more individuals being trafficked. And so, viewers of pornography are, in a way, traffickers, and should be charged as such.

Pornography a type of human trafficking

No human being should ever be for sale.

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