Hope on the Streets

Hope on the Streets is a training team with the vision to mobilize and empower missionary facilitators or church members across Africa. Who, in turn, will then spread the vision to and train African churches. They will be using a variety of methods to equip them to understand how to work with children and youth who live on the street.

The vision of Hope on the Streets is also to conduct training in different African countries. Ideally for those already working with vulnerable children, especially children and youth who live on the streets.

Thirdly, to be available as consultants and mentors wherever required. This is for anyone working with HSC or with existing OM Street Children’s programmes.

We have teams of trainers in Zambia and Mozambique, with the vision to spread out across Africa.

Hope on the Streets training

PRAYER POINTS for Hope on The Streets

  • Join us in praying that churches buy into the vision to rescue and rehabilitate the street children themselves in a locally sustainable way.
  • Pray we can have sufficient, experienced trainers for empowering the churches.

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