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Freedom Challenge Africa

Makwati School

Alice Sakala teaches Pre-Reception at Makwati Community School. One day she was sharing the story of Cain and Abel. A little boy raised his hand, and he said that he did not want to hit his friends anymore because God does not like when we hurt our friends. For this little boy, not hurting your friends is a life changing realisation. He is learning how to interact with his peers. It’s a small step towards a big future.

It had been said, “Nothing good comes from Makwati,” but God has a purpose and a plan for the children of Makwati. The community school was started to give the children of Makwati a hope and a future through knowledge of Jesus and education. The school starts with Pre-Reception (four years old) and continues until Grade 7. There are currently more than 400 students and 14 missionary teachers here. At school, the kids learn about God, receive a primary education, and have teachers who love and encourage them. Makwati Community School desires to see children know God and make Him known building vibrant communities of Jesus followers

Partner with us

All of our schools are in need of financial support. We are struggling to feed our students because food prices have gone up so much! We are also struggling to pay our teachers. Please pray for God’s provision so our schools can remain open!

PRAYER POINTS for Makwati School

  • Recently there has been a lot of sicknesses. Please pray for healing and good health.
  • A lot of children in this area, ages 13 to 17, have never been to school. Pray for God’s wisdom on how to help them to learn to read and write, teach them practical skills, and have Bible study with them.
  • Provision – the expected donations does not meet the expected budget, so we are trusting God to provide for all of our needs.

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