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Freedom Challenge Africa

Thoughts From a Fitness Enthusiast

Thoughts From a Fitness Enthusiast and Avid Biker

“If I can start by trusting Him in the smaller, less consequential areas of my life then I’ll be able to trust Him more in the serious life matters!”

Did you know you could use your fitness routine to make an impact in the lives of trafficked victims? If not, then I encourage you to keep reading! You may be encouraged by this testimony. Brooke, a wife, stay-at-home, work-from-home, homeschool mom of three with the fourth child on the way, and avid cycler, decided she wanted her fitness routine to count for something more last year!

For Brooke, fitness is a lifestyle, not just something she picks up here and there. At the beginning of 2021, she continued to exercise per her normal habits. She was already in a workout routine when she decided to join the Sahel Challenge. As an avid cycler she thought her steady routine could contribute to the Freedom Challenge Africa.

Making Cycling Count for Something More!

Brooke normally bikes one hour a day, five times per week. So she set the goal of cycling 8,000 kilometers in 2021. The Sahel Challenge was something she could do to keep herself accountable while joining in a greater cause. She helped contribute to and raise money that went towards abused and vulnerable women and children. While exercise is a way of life, having this challenge kept her going in times when she wasn’t motivated. Habits are great but it doesn’t always guarantee the job will get done. Brooke felt as though she could honor God and her commitment to this cause by keeping up with her goal, as opposed to simply just working out.

At the beginning of December she still had 1,000 kilometers to go, so she really pushed herself, and was able to achieve her goal by the end of December 2021!

Brooke’s Testimony

When we asked Brooke for her testimony about this challenge, this is what she shared:

“Consistency and focus is what helped me achieve this goal. But ultimately, my faith in Christ and the desire to be committed to and live for Him is what drives me to achieve my goals in all areas of life. Even something as simple as fitness. It is important for me take care of the body God has blessed me with which enables me to achieve even greater goals for His kingdom. That is the ultimate goal for me in any endeavor! I’m thankful for the opportunity to use my fitness routine for something greater and ultimately for God’s glory! Through this challenge God reminded me that if I can start by trusting Him in the smaller, less consequential areas of my life then I’ll be able to trust Him more in the serious life matters!”

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