Widows Project

The reality is that this country is divided between North and South and the two are far apart from one another in the religious domination. One half is mostly Christian dominated, and the other is Muslim dominated and evangelism is not open. However, there are many opportunities to carry on evangelistic programmes if the right strategies are put in place. For a long time, most of these evangelism opportunities have not been balanced. Mostly, it is the men that have a greater chance of having the love of Christ shared to them. The story is totally different for children and women. There is no mission organisation that is reaching out to the women and the children even though opportunities are great.

There are many widows here, and there are two main reasons for this. Firstly, women lost their husbands during the war while others lost their husbands who joined the rebel groups that want to overthrow the current regime. The second result is because of the very high divorce rate, as a man can easily leave his wife even with no apparent reason except that he is just tired of her and wants another woman who might even be younger. Many women therefore practice secret prostitution (which is also very high) in order to support many children who can number a minimum of five to a maximum of ten for one woman.

The Widows Project trains the women in knitting and sewing and gives them a skill to sustain themselves. We have identified some women, and they are doing small business training afterwards to learn how to run a small business. This is giving them a livelihood.

Many would like to be helped to launch small businesses through micro-finance, but currently we can’t handle all of them due to limited resources.

PRAYER POINTS for The Widow’s Project

  • Pray for the ladies to be affected by His love as they meet to learn and interact with each other and for continued growth to those that have received Christ.
  • Join us in praying for a lower rate of divorce and for godly families.
  • Pray for the finances to support more women in starting micro-businesses.

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