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Freedom Challenge Africa

Widows Project

The reality is that this country is divided between North and South and the two are far apart from one another in the religious domination. One half is mostly Christian dominated, and the other is Muslim dominated and evangelism is not open. There are also many widows. There are two main reasons for this. Firstly, many women have lost their husbands during the war. The second reason is because of the very high divorce rate. A man can easily leave his wife even with no apparent reason except that he is just tired of her. Many women therefore practice secret prostitution in order to support there children. Most women have 5-10 children!

In the villages near this project women and girls are at risk. Wives of the villagers are often left for long periods of time while their husbands are out looking for gold at the boarder of a neighbouring country. These women have no way to support their children. Girls are frequently married at the age as 13 or 14 because the fathers want to receive the bride price for them. Few girls have a chance to receive education. Girls who do try to continue school beyond grade 5 often are taken advantage of by men who offer them necessities and school fees. These girls often end up pregnant and abandoned in their early teens.

This is why we are passionate of this project! The Widows Project provides training in sewing, knitting and small business for women and girls coming from poor families, orphans, and widows. This project also provides discipleship three times per week. Those who attend are helped to heal from past traumas and to believe truth instead of lies about God and life.

PRAYER POINTS for The Widow’s Project

  • Pray for protection of young girls (13-18 years) . These girls are at risk of being abused by people from the village and immediate family members. Pray that they will have access to education and skills needed for a healthy life
  • Pray for financial resources and new donors. Learn about ways to give here.
  • Pray for the ladies to be affected by His love as they meet to learn and interact with each other and for continued growth to those that have received Christ.
  • Join us in praying for a lower rate of divorce and for godly families.

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