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Freedom Challenge Africa

Tabitha Skills Development Project

Our vision with the Tabitha Skills Development Project is to see economic and social transformation for vulnerable women. While we do this, we want to lead them to become vibrant followers of Jesus and leading other women vibrantly to Jesus.

Agnes is a widow, from the Nakoli compound of Kabwe. Life has always been a struggle for Agnes, as she has suffered from a facial disability since childhood. Not only does she have constant physical pain, but she also has struggled to see any value in herself due to the criticism. After one year of the Tabitha Skills Development, Agnes has started to believe in and accept herself for the first time in her life. She has learned how to make beautiful jewelry, from which she makes enough income to buy food. Ages is someone with a beautiful heart for others, and flourishes from people believing in her and encouraging her to continue finding her identity in Christ.

The key goal of Tabitha is to empower primarily vulnerable women in our communities.

We do this by teaching them how to sew quality items, do food production, and food processing. Our desire is to enable them to support their families. We also want to see people rise out of poverty, as well as being less likely to be exploited.

In addition to the skills development side of this project, this is a discipleship program. Women are not only being taught how to sew or cater, but also what it means to have a relationship with Christ. The one-year Tabitha Initiative program goes one step further to intentionally empower women to use their own initiatives to start small businesses that are focused on reaching out to others.

Partner with us

The ministry is growing which is great, but we need workers and resources to keep up with the demand! Please pray for finances to be able to travel to other villages around Zambia to train more people!

Millions of widows in Sub-Saharan Africa are robbed, beaten, raped, and evicted from their homes. This is because women are considered unworthy of equal rights in many parts of the world.

We have Skills Development programs providing much-needed love and care, located throughout Africa:

  • Madagascar
  • North Africa
  • South Africa
  • Zambia

PRAYER POINTS for Tabitha Skills Development Project

  • Praise God for the spiritual impact Tabitha has, in addition to the physical impact.
  • Pray that Tabitha will be spread also to other areas around Africa.
  • Pray that the Lord will bring the right people to Tabitha to join the team.
  • Pray for the community visits. That the Lord will take the team to the right women who need the word of God and encouragement.
  • Pray for the finances.

If you want to learn more about what we are doing throughout Africa, read more about our other development projects here.

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