Freedom Challenge Africa

Freedom Challenge Africa

2018 Challenges

It is through our physical challenges that we identify in a tangible way with the incredibly steep climb to freedom so many women and children have every day. Each challenge produces prayer and finances for over 20 projects in Africa, and awareness of the injustices taking place in the world.

Tankwa Camino

On 30 August-9 September a big group of people took on the challenge to hike the Tankwa Camino, known as a modern day “Great Trek”. Four of those hikers went with a specific mission to identify with those trapped in slavery around the world, while raising funds, awareness, and prayer support for the most vulnerable and exploited women and children in Africa. The money raised goes towards our 20+ projects in Africa who focus on the areas of prevention, development, rescue, and restoration in this issue of human trafficking. These challengers walked 257km in 10 days- a physical, mental, and spiritual challenge.

“We began day 1 of the challenge and I was very excited! However, by day 3 reality kicked in. I was the last one to leave the camp that day and I had to ask myself the question of why am I doing this? The answer to that question is what gave me strength to press on. If it wasn’t for that question I would’ve given up. Not to mention dealing with my blisters was a nightmare! On day 4 I didn’t think I would make it. I just kept repeating, “your challenge, their freedom”. Knowing that there was a prayer team lifting me up to our Father is what kept me going. Strength to continue came from above, because I do not know where the strength came from! The days were long and the nights frosted cold. Despite all these difficulties, both mentally and physically, I had authentic conversations with my Creator. I realized every kilometer I walked was a victory. The daily fellowship at the camp was priceless. I want to pay tribute, as well, to the Tankwa Camino team. Their hospitality was incredible and I was very grateful for the delicious meals they prepared at camp every evening. So much of the hike was mental, but meeting God in nature was amazing, along with having the opportunity to pray for fellow hikers, and bringing awareness of human trafficking amongst the hikers were some of the highlights.” –Octavia Ephraim

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