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Jessica, an orphan from Durban, received an opportunity from a “friend” to travel together to Pretoria. Accommodation and a job would be provided. However, upon her arrival in Pretoria, the reality was vastly different. Her traffickers informed her she would have to pay back her debts for the food, accommodation, transport, and drugs. Jessica worked for the next ten years as a prostitute to earn money to pay her debts. Jessica’s introduction into the sex trade, not unlike many others, was being raped by three men…

If only we could have reached her before the traffickers did…

Prevention reach

In the 2021 TIP report, we read that South Africa is a source, transit, and destination country for victims of human trafficking. If you want to read more about human trafficking, read this blog!

Partner with us

We are in need of finances to continue translating our Traffick Wise manual into more languages.

We are blessed to have translations in English, Hungarian, and Malagasy already.

While we are still in the process of having full manuals translated in Brazilian Portuguese, French, and Afrikaans, but we have the vision to have more languages translated!

Traffickers recruit South African children from poor rural areas and traffick them to urban cities. These children are subjected to sex trafficking and domestic servitude, and sometimes they are forced to work in street vending, food service, begging, criminal activities, and agriculture.

Traffick Wise Seminar in Pretoria

Training in Traffick Wise is for anyone!

Traffick Wise is a seminar with the view to train people to become trainers. We equip those at our training to empower potential victims of human trafficking to protect themselves. Traffick Wise also aims to reach those who are susceptible to human trafficking. While educating people on how to recognize signs, we teach them how to take preventative measures.

Freedom Challenge aims to see vulnerable women and children educated about human trafficking. We also aim to mobilize, empower, and equip people to work with the at-risk in their communities.

It is our belief that prevention is essential if we are to impact the world of human trafficking and ultimately, protect those in need. With this in mind, we seek to make the gospel the backbone of the ministry. It is therefore our motivation, guide, and reason for everything we do. Without God, we would not be truly effective or free.

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PRAYER POINTS for Traffick Wise

  • Join us in praying that the right people would be a part of our team – people with a passion and desire to share about prevention.
  • Please pray that we will continue impacting the lives of people through our seminars, both in Pretoria, South Africa as well as around Africa, and that the right people will attend.
  • Pray for more open doors to share our hearts of prevention with others, that through this training, many will open their hearts to stand against this injustice.
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