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Freedom Challenge Africa

Project Hope

The heartbeat of Project HOPE is to transform children by bringing each child to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, making them disciples, and providing them with a quality education. Creating access to quality education for orphans and vulnerable children will lead to poverty alleviation and improved welfare.

This is being achieved by providing education support to the children at Saikolo Community School as well as those in Government schools. We implement feeding programs at Saikolo Community school and community levels. Most of the children we feed, come from families who are living on $1 a day (or less!).

We also have a Tabitha program to reach out to most vulnerable women in the communities. Most of these women are uneducated and unable to generate income. Tabitha development is focused on empowering these women through spiritual discipleship, skills training and basic business skills.

Homes of HOPE, our child facility, is also being used to host the Tabitha Programs. This also includes Bible study meetings, tailoring training meetings, basic business training, team building lessons, and more! Twelve women have already been trained as trainers in tailoring and design.

Also, we are grateful to God for providing 90 Bibles from which all the women were distributed with one Bible each. Literacy lessons were introduced to help those who could not read and write. This has helped as some women are now able to read the Bibles on their own!

Lastly, to help sustain the ministry, Project HOPE has embarked on bamboo farming as a way of replacing trees that have been cut down by the locals. In the near future, bamboos will be used to make charcoal and other things.

PRAYER POINTS for Project Hope

  • We are grateful to have four sewing machines, but it makes it difficult to train many women. Please pray for finances so that we can get more. Pray for resources to purchase all the materials we need for tailoring.
  • Pray for the Bible study discussions. Pray that the women will grow and become witnesses for Christ in their communities.
  • Unity amongst the team. We also need more people to join the team!

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