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Mercy House

Mercy House is a project dedicated to children, running a homework club, sharing stories about Jesus, and providing meals.

Alice has been coming to Mercy House for two years. As a single mother, she was struggling to survive in Makululu with her then 4-year-old daughter, Agnes. Agnes is attending Mercy House on a scholarship. Last year Alice became unwell and came to the project for help. They helped her to go to the doctor and she started to get better and, praising God for the pills and consultation she could never have afforded. Alice also attended a small business training class and started a little stall outside Mercy House selling soap and biscuits. She has remarried Denson who helps her with the business. The teaching she has received from us on the Bible has really given her hope and helped her to live as a follower of Christ. Life is still a struggle but having Mercy House has eased the sense of hopelessness.

There are an estimated 120,000 people living in Makululu shanty compound, Kabwe and 80,000 are young people and children. There are 5 schools and not enough spaces for all the children to attend. Children here can grow up uneducated and have heavy duties to perform such as fetching water or looking after siblings from a young age. Some children run away from home and are found on the streets because their families could not provide food for them or have passed away.

All 80 children are on scholarships at local schools in Makululu. They come to us after class for food and to hear stories about Jesus and the Bible. We now offer the older children a homework club for those who need extra help with their subjects.

We also run a tailoring program for the mothers and aunties of the children at Mercy House who are learning new skills so they can make money. So far 5 ladies have graduated and can do basic tailoring and 3 ladies have started their own small businesses. The ladies feel empowered to make their family new clothes and also mend their old clothes. Mercy House is looking at providing them with sewing machines to get into the tailoring business.

PRAYER POINTS for Mercy House

  • Pray for a new bus as the old one is becoming unreliable.
  • Join us in praying for us to have our own business to help with some of the funding for Mercy House – both the safe-house and the scholarship program.
  • Pray for people of Makululu to feel God’s presence in their community as he helps them through Mercy House Ministries. We want them to connect with Jesus and become followers of Christ.

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