Jessica was an orphan on the streets of Durban when she was convinced by a “friend” to go with her to Pretoria where accommodation and a job would be provided. When she arrived in Pretoria she was given drugs and told that she had to work as a prostitute in order to pay back the money she owed for transport, food, accommodation and drugs. She was a virgin at the time. Her introduction into the sex trade for the next ten years was being raped by three men.

If we could only reach her before the traffickers did…

It is recorded in the 2015 TIP report that South Africa is a source, transit, and destination country for women and children subjected to forced labor and sex trafficking. South African children are recruited from poor rural areas to urban centers, such as Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, and Bloemfontein, where girls are subjected to sex trafficking and domestic servitude and boys are forced to work in street vending, food service, begging, criminal activities, and agriculture.

Traffick Wise is a training program that trains facilitators who will empower potential victims of human trafficking to say “no,” to protect themselves and to educate others. Sign up for our next seminar today!

23-24 October 2020 Traffick Wise Seminar:

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We are in need of finances to continue translating our manual into more languages. We are blessed to have translations in English, Hungarian, and Malagasy. While we are still in the process of having full manuals in Brazilian Portuguese and Afrikaans, but have the vision to have more languages translated!


Kapotwe was one of the orphans attending the Good News School. When he was 10 years old he suddenly disappeared. His father never finished paying the labola (bride price) to his wife’s family. After having four children, the father died. Kapotwe (the first born) was forced by his grandparents to work off the outstanding labola amount, which was 1.9 million Kwacha ($400). The teachers traveled multiple times to where he had been taken and tried to convince the grandparents to let the boy go so he could return to school. They refused until all the labola was paid in full.

At the time Kapotwe was found in Mbala, he had already been working for six months on the farm of the grandparents doing hard labor, cleaning, cultivating and fetching water.

The teachers started to pray for a miracle – enough money to pay for the outstanding amount for labola and that Kapotwe could return to school. God answered both prayers! Today, Kapotwe is being counseled and is doing well while flourishing back at school.

We praise God for the transformation seen in the lives of children like Kapotwe. They have been impacted by the projects we work with in Africa because of the time and care each child receives, which is truly priceless.

Freedom Challenge is currently working with schools located in Angola, Malawi and Zambia. These schools provide a Christ-centered education and up to two meals a day.

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All of our schools are in need of financial support and even more so during this time of COVID-19. We are struggling to feed our students because food prices have gone up so much! We are also struggling to pay our teachers. Please pray for God’s provision so our schools can remain open!


In 2005 AIDSHope was launched as an answer to the AIDS pandemic in South Africa, with the vision of seeing hope and dignity restored in people’s lives through Christ.

Located in Mamelodi, South Africa, AIDSHope runs an afterschool programme that provides holistic care for orphaned and vulnerable children either living with or affected by HIV and AIDS. These children have been identified by social workers and teachers as needing extra support. Many of these children have been orphaned and are in foster homes. Some have faced, and are still facing, abuse, neglect, bereavement and poverty. We seek to meet their needs holistically, by providing nutritious meals, help with homework, academic intervention for struggling learners, counselling and play therapy, and spiritual input.

In addition, AIDSHope reaches out to the community through visiting various groups of vulnerable people such as, drug users, 40 preschool teachers, people living with HIV, people who are not able to read, and other children and youth. We partner with local churches to meet the practical needs of the community and be a voice of hope to those around us. We offer trainings on HIV and AIDS and reach out to the youth, especially those coming from broken homes, to be an example and safe place for them.

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We’ve been helping feed families since the lock down in South Africa began in March. Pray for God’s provision to continue providing meals to our children and their families. Pray as well for the children who have fallen behind to be able to catch up in their studies.

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