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Freedom Challenge Africa

Perla Project

Madagascar is a source country for women and children subjected to forced labour and sex trafficking. Reports indicate that sex and labour trafficking of Malagasy people have increased, particularly due to a lack of economic development and a decline in the rule of law.

They also disguise child trafficking under tradition.

Parents in the southern regions send girls to local markets without money for groceries, forcing them to prostitute themselves in what is known as Tsenan’ Ampela or “girls market” to earn enough to buy food for the family. In a practice known as “Miletra”, parents in the northeastern regions force their daughters into prostitution. They directly negotiate the price and duration in advance. A child sex tourism problem exists in coastal cities. Most child trafficking occurs with the involvement of family members. Among the Antandroy people, barren women or women who did not give birth to a son are marginalised by the community.

Perla Project, which means pearl, is a Freedom Challenge project aimed to create awareness and prevention. They also provide protection and restoration for the vulnerable women and children subject to human trafficking. We do this so that they would come to experience that they are valuable to Jesus.

PRAYER POINTS for Perla Project

  • That we can create a public and Christian awareness of the reality of human trafficking in Madagascar.
  • We want to empower endangered Malagasy youth by way of education. We do this by providing training skills to vulnerable women that enable them to become self-sustainable.
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