Freedom Challenge Africa

Freedom Challenge Africa


Freedom Challenge Africa currently has 22 projects across Africa. These projects are focusing on four areas that we believe are paramount in the fight against human trafficking.

Focus areas

Project focus areas

Our four focus areas of the projects are prevention, development, rescue and restoration.

Prevention Projects

Freedom Challenge offers solutions to vulnerable peoples. These include education, skills training, and a basic support system. Through these efforts, we aim to break cycles of poverty, exploitation, and oppression before they damage women and children. It is our foundational belief that it is easier to prevent human trafficking than it is to restore a victim.

Development Projects

Freedom Challenge aims to provide long-term solutions to vulnerable people. This includes vocational training and micro-saving programmes to help vulnerable people overcome poverty for themselves and their children. This in turn makes current and future generations less vulnerable to exploitation. Development therefore plays a crucial role in preventing trafficking in future generations.

Rescue Projects

Freedom Challenge coordinates and supports rescue efforts for women and children. Those ensnared by slavery and abuse are offered a way out, and a safe place. While here, victims can receive long-term care and healing.


Victims receive extensive care in the restoration phase of rehabilitation. This includes physical and spiritual healing, trauma counseling, and life skills training. All while helping victims leave behind their brokenness to a new life full of hope and dignity. They also learn to share the hope they have received with others in their community.

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