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Virtual Tankwa Camino Challenge.

Embarking on a 10-day Virtual Tankwa Camino Challenge, was certainly interesting. This was going to be the second time I ‘hiked’ the Tankwa Camino, and this is my story.

A Soul Journey

Growing up I had terrible migraines, and even had to use an umbrella to make sure I wasn’t exposed to too much sun. Walking has also never been my strength.

This journey is God’s assignment.

The headache that used to always bother me NEVER showed up once during this challenge! Faith can turn ordinary things to an extraordinary adventure and a blessing.

This 10 day Virtual Tankwa Camino Challenge was another level of difficulty. Spiritually, emotionally, and physically exhausting, even more so than when I did the actual Camino in 2018. This one was different. I was by myself doing it in Pretoria. By day 5, it was getting really hectic, and I thought I couldn’t carry on.

But I brought my justice doll (order yours for R100) as a reminder to pray for injustices.  The “why” kept me going despite a sore body, blisters, rashes, etc.! I even had my husband take a picture of my injuries because I thought people would really understand if I could not finish. But the “why” kept me going. The wounds were so painful, but I kept praying and asking God to not allow my wounds to stand between me and this assignment. I would not allow the devil to interfere! What enabled me to keep on keeping on was the women and children and injustices that I was raising funds and awareness for. It’s my challenge, for their freedom.

I was reminded that in 2009 as a Mrs. United Nation finalist for South Africa I had to invest in a project. I wanted to focus on the issues of missing children in our country and the unity in diversity project (which is a project I am looking to revive!). But instead of taking that brochure, I accidentally took the brochure for human trafficking awareness. God was already preparing me for this journey. Little did I know that when my sister went missing some years back, we would find out that she had been trafficked! Human trafficking is personal to me. I was able to walk a road with her when she was rescued and we were reunited. I was truly prepared to journey with her.

Remembering these things are what kept me going.

My prayer warriors also helped me persevere! I had powerhouse women behind me. One woman in particular, Zantie who was one of my prayer warriors during the 2018 Camino was an exceptional support. This year she wore two hats – one being a prayer warrior again, and her second being that she decided to join me in undertaking the challenge for Freedom, in the Virtual Tankwa Camino. Even when I wanted to give up, the knowledge that she was there in the thick of it with me, was such an encouragement. Knowing someone else was also walking and suffering with me in similar ways. 

In the midst of everything God appoints the right people to journey with you and graduates them and you as He sees fit! Without my amazing prayer warriors, I wouldn’t be able to do what I do. So I must be obedient to what God has called me to do.

I am also celebrating our second collaboration with BFI Foundation who sponsored the Camino in 2018 and planned to sponsor this year’s challenge. When plans had to change they still supported me by making a significant donation towards Freedom Challenge Africa’s projects! Again, these are the inspiring people that kept me going through the difficult days.

Lastly, a tribute to my family who kept me going. My husband and son, Robin Ephraim, were so supportive to me during this time. They allowed me to have my intimate sacred space for the 10 days I was doing my walk. Robin cooked every day for 10 days and served me in my sacred space. My husband made sure the household was running well, so I could have a sacred space after the walk every evening. I could pray for breakthrough for my family, for enslaved people, and for those experiencing injustice. It is an honor that my family could support me so well. It was definitely a priceless time. I pray for more families to be able to support each other like my family was able to do for me in this journey.

This has been such a beautiful journey, truly a soul journey and it is an honor to be a part of. My biggest take away from this challenge, is that where God leads, I will follow. And He will sustain me through it!
Mission accomplished! My challenge, their freedom!

If you would like to learn more about the issues of human trafficking, and be equipped to train other to recognise the signs, sign up for our next Traffick Wise Seminar.

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