Kanjanji Orphan Project

This project began in 2012 in the Western Province of Zambia. This area is one of the least reached areas of Southern Africa, with a high population of those affected with HIV/AIDS. This fact has resulted in many children being orphaned, low literacy rates, few high schools and very limited job opportunities.

Kanjanji is established in the community and is known as a Christian base where everything is done according to Biblical principles. Through interaction with schools, provision of food and medical services, support of orphans and the elderly, the Gospel is spread in this area. Children who complete the Kanjanji support programme, finish university, and declare themselves as Christians, are put through the OM discipleship course and are welcomed back to the base to assist in the work of supporting the community.

The Kanjanji base is equipped with a Pre-School and a self-funded teacher. The base also has a computer centre with 20 laptops. Here, around 80 pupils from two high schools are taught Computer Sciences, a compulsory subject for Grade 9. Scholars are also assisted here with additional mathematic and English classes. The adult population, mainly women, is trained at the base through literacy and skills classes, such as baking, sewing and farming. Through these programmes the Gospel is presented to the children and adults on a daily basis.

PRAYER POINTS for Kanjanji Orphan Project

  • Please pray with us that everybody involved in Kanjanji will have wisdom with the orphans and the community to teach them God’s precepts and to show them His love
  • Join us in giving thanks to the Lord for His provision in all our needs.

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