Chisopi School

Chisopi is a mountain village 30 km from where the OM Malawi has its base. It is a majority Muslim community. In March 2014 a missionary teacher moved to the village in order to identify and register children for the school that started in September 2014. Mbweni School is currently running with 155 children in the Pre-School and standard One to Three classes. Apart from our school, there is no other school in that village and there is a need for education.

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All of our schools are in need of financial support and even more so during this time of COVID-19.

We are struggling to feed our students because food prices have gone up so much!

We are also struggling to pay our teachers.

Please pray for God’s provision so our schools can remain open!

Most of the children are vulnerable or orphaned, cared for by extended family. With the extra burden placed on already big families, most orphans do not have the opportunity to attend school and are part of the modern exploitation against children. Standard and quality of education in remote areas are very low, up to 100 pupils per class.

Teachers cannot give personal attention to pupils; slow learners are not attended to. Muslims believe that when children are exposed to education they may convert to Christianity and therefore they do not send their children to school.

In order to strengthen the work of church planting in the village, the impact into the community is broadened as caretakers can be reached through the children. We are providing education in a community where there is no other educational activity.

PRAYER POINTS for Chisopi School

  • We thank God for how He is working in the lives of the young men and women in our community. Through the discipleship training and youth meetings, those from the Islamic background have come out in the open and confessed the Christian faith. They are not afraid to talk about how they did not understand what they learnt in the mosques and how the gospel is so clear. They have shared how they have been set free from the lies and deception of the devil. Many share how they were enslaved in drug and sexual abuse. Pray that they will know and experience God’s peace and unconditional love.

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