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Annelize Theunissen

Director of Freedom Challenge Africa

Ministry Goal: To be a light in this dark situation of modern day slavery. She has a passion for women and children and loves empower people to reach the fullness of what God have planned for them.

Contact: annelize.theunissen@om.org

Nina Dikken

Prayer and Project Coordinator

Ministry Goal: To support our Freedom Challenge Projects with prayer and encouragement so that God may work through these projects and many vulnerable women and children may live out of darkness in God’s Light.

Contact: nina.dikken@om.org

Brittany Bembe

Challenge and Communication Coordinator

Ministry Goal: To bring awareness through media and other means to people worldwide of the realities of human trafficking and ways they can get involved to help combat this reality!

Contact: brittany.bembe@om.org

Pharen Mulusa

Development Coordinator

Ministry Goal: To see vulnerable women and children empowered spiritually and physically through life skills and become sustainable by learning new things and thinking outside of the box. To also restore hope where all hope has been lost through Jesus Christ.

Contact: pharen.mulusa@om.org

Frauke Zachmann 

Fundraising and Restoration Coordinator 

Ministry Goal: Coming alongside vulnerable women, providing holistic care and support; aiming their empowerment and inclusion in society as well as equipping others to help those in need. 

Contact: frauke.zachmann@om.org

Karen Menkveld

Restoration Coordinator

Ministry Goal: To see that every victim of any kind of Human Trafficking is set free, restored and reintegrated into society.  That each person will know their identity in Christ Jesus and experience the unfailing love their Heavenly Father.

Contact: karen.menkveld@om.org

Gadi Ntuli

Freedom Challenge Africa Intern

Ministry Goal: To preach the gospel to vulnerable women! After experiences during outreaches with social justice she knew that this is what she needs to do: reach out to vulnerable women.

Contact: gadi.ntuli@om.org

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