Freedom Challenge Africa

Freedom Challenge Africa


Virtual Tankwa Camino Challenge.

Embarking on a 10-day Virtual Tankwa Camino Challenge, was certainly interesting. This was going to be the second time I ‘hiked’ the Tankwa Camino, and this is my story. Growing up I had terrible migraines, and even had to use an umbrella to make sure I wasn’t exposed to too much sun. Walking has also […]

I “Climbed” Mt. Kilimanjaro with My 1 Year Old

Want to know why I “climbed” Mt. Kilimanjaro with my 1 year old daughter even though she didn’t know the purpose? She didn’t know why I was walking 2-3 times further than normal. She didn’t know why I took her walking even when it was raining. She didn’t know why we didn’t take a day […]

My Bike Challenge, Their Freedom

Read about why I chose a bike challenge for their freedom. My mouth was dry. All my muscles were aching and my target for the day was still far away. How could I forget my water?   I complained to God, upset with myself: “This is not fun anymore.” Then God reminded me again why I […]

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